VectorX Computers and Arcade is run by gamers, for gamers. We all have a huge passion, not just for gaming, by for giving the best customer experience possible. Whether it's your first gaming rig, or your tenth, you'll receive our fullest attention. We are constantly learning about the products we sell, and evolving the way the store is run so that the advice we give is the best and at the top of the game.

So why not pop on by, no matter if you want a whole new PC, or if you just want some advice, we are always around, ready to help.  

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Jacques Voller

Owner and Manager

Meet Jacques, the owner and manager of VectorX Computers. For years, he has had a passion for just about everything to do with PC gaming, and now he wants to pass that knowledge on to others.

He has also been disappointed with the way that computer components have been sold in the UK for a long time, and wants to see that changed. So, he started VectorX, not only to create a better buying experience, but to make it an enjoyable one.

Current Build:

Case - Fractal Design Node 202
CPU - AMD 5800X
GPU - MSI RTX 3060ti
Storage - 250GB boot drive, 1TB secondary drive
Motherboard - ROG Strix B550-I

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